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Training tailored to meet the professional development needs of you organization such as:

  • Legally Defensible IEP’s
  • Minimizing Legal Exposure and Decreasing Litigation Costs
  • Social media and staff / administrators and staff workshops
  • Nursing and Medical Services and Section 504
  • Autism Programs: Program Implementation, Serviced Provided and OOD Placements
  • General HIB Presentations
  • Student Discipline for School Administrators
  • The Basics of Special Education
  • Paraprofessionals and Special Education
  • Legal Updates in Special Education, Student Rights and Discipline
  • Transgender Workshops
  • Discipline: General Education and Special Education
  • Procedural Safeguards in Special Education and 5 0 4
  • Administrator Professional Development
  • Student Records and Confidentiality
  • DYFS Reporting
  • Seniority Tenure RIF
  • School Boards – New Member Trainings
  • Reducing the Cost of Special Education
  • Procedural Safeguards/Custody/Discipline
  • Board Ethics Roles and Confidentiality
  • Hot Topics in Special Education and Bullying
  • NJQSAC: Overview Family Medical Leave
  • The Role of the Regular Education in Special Education
  • Non-Traditional Student Placements
  • Section 504 and 504 Plans: Tailored to Your District
  • Special Education Standard Operating Procedure Creation and Training
  • Child Study Team Professional Development
  • Custody and Student Rights